It’s all about Glee.

Its been claimed that the ladies on set seem to be shrinking before our very eyes. Lea  who plays Rachel Berry has shrunk so much it’s claimed that she has now formed  a Hollywood body that makes her  head look to big for her body. Her co- star Jenna Yshkowitz (Tina) seems to be following suite. Its claimed that  the two girls have denied  rumers that they are taking Adderall to help them slim  and that they are losing weight the healthy way by watching what they eat and exercising. Jenna is a vegetarian and Lea is a vegan and its claimed that Vegans are more prone to calcium or B12  deficiency.

Co-stars Chris Colfer and Amber Riley have said that  have said that their co-stars are being  difficult and getting  major attitudes but Lea is the worst. She demands particular outfits and particular food on the snack table and she is so full of herself. Corey, Lea and mark  hang out together and call their co-stars Kevin(Artie) Jenna(Tina) and Heather (Brittany) the nerds since they wont go partying. Kevin and Jenna are also a couple off screen. Is also claimed that Chris(Kurt) and Amber(Mercedes) hang together and think they are more gifted than everyone else.

Mark was dating his co-star Neya until she heard he was sleeping around and it’s claimed that she keyed his car. They have now been keeping things professional after getting a talking to from the shows people. They avoided each other at the recent Glee premier party on Sept 7th. Its claimed that now Mark is out partying and the ladies are throwing themselves at him and he recently started to  hooks up with anyone he can.

When there are guest appearances with high profile guest they don’t even get away from being bitched about by the regular cast.

Britney Spears was classed as a total looser and a complete zero, they were warned to only say nice things about her but bitched  behind her back.

Neill Patrick Harris was claimed to be a big diva who complained about lighting and was fixated on his make-up. The cast made snarky comments about his vanity.

Kristin Chenoweth didn’t get away with out being bitched about as they made fun of her celluite and squeaky voice.

The Glee cast seem to becoming big dramatic Divas and it wont be long before it all falls apart if they keep this up.

Its been said that one cast member deals with hectic schedual with a a quick puff between scenes and its been said that its pot that this person smokes and his co stars are used to it now??????????.

Its also been said that one female cast member eats so little and exercises so much that she passed out on set and now co stars fear she may be risking her life??????????.

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Two and a half men pay rise.

Angus T Jones The cute chubby little actor who stares as Jake in  Two and a half men turned 17 on October 8th and Angus had a lot to Celebrate.

Angus will get a major pay rise in his wages for playing Jake, It’s claimed he will make $300,000 per episode with a guarantee of 45 episodes over two seasons which will give lucky Angus $14.4 million and a signing on bonus of $500,000.

This is great for Angus and it will make him one of the richest child stars ever. He has out done the likes of Miley Cyrus and Miranda Cosgrave from iCarly.

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New hit show

Since lost left our screens there hasn’t been much on tv to fill that void but now it’s claimed that a a new programme is taking over. It’s claimedto be just as exciting, addictive and worth watching and its called THE MAIN EVENT.

The Main Event begins on a plane with an apparent hijacking with hybrid human-aliens with action zipping back and forward in time. It has been classed as a mix of LOST, 24, and HEROES with action, cliff hangers and plenty of twists and turns.

In the US 11 million viewers tuned into the pilot episode and now CH.4 will air it on Friday 22nd October at 9pm. I know one things for sure I will be tuning in to see what the fuss is about. 


(1)Vicky Roberts.(Taylor Cole) is a Manhatten party-girl who cmes across as a Paris Hilton type. It appears she may have a darker side.

Where have you seen her.

Taylor is a former model who has appeared in Entourage, Supernatural and Heroes.

(2)Blake Sterling(Zeljko Ivanek) is a well-connected and experienced  Director of National Intelligence and has long kept secrets from the President.

Where have you seen him.

Zeljko has appeared in 24, Damages and True Blood and starred in films Hannibal and Black hawk down.

(3)President Elias Martinez(Blair Underwood) called Eli tries to close the Facility for Aliens but then finds himself  an Assassination  target.

Where have you seen him.

Blair has appeared in LA Law and Dirty sexy Money as well as playing Miranda’s sexy doctor Boyfriend in Sex and the City.

(4)Sean Walker(Jason Ritter) is a reformed hacker and video game geek who finds himself a hero after becomes involved  in the centre of a government conspiracy after his girlfriend disappears during their Caribbean cruise.

Where have you seen him.

Jason starred in The Class and Joan of Arcadia and Films The Education of Charlie Banks and Freddie V Jason.

(5)Leila Buchanan(Sarah Roemer) is a scientist and an outdoors kind of girl who is close to her Family, Leila knows Sean from College. 

Where have you seen her.

This former Model appeared with Shia LaBeouf in the film Disturbia and stared in films The Con artist and Cutlass.

(6)Sophia Maguire(Laura Innes) is part of the human looking aliens who crash landed on a plane in World War 2. Sophie becomes close to the President.

Where have you seen her.

Laura played Dr Kerry in ER and appeared in Deep Inpact and has directed episodes of Brother and sisters and The West Wing.

(7)Simon Lee(Ian Anthony Dale) is an elite CIA Operative. He has become close to Sophie and reports directly to Blake and my not be all he seems.

Where have you seen him.

He starred in 24 Criminal Minds and CSI and starred in films The Bucket list and The Hangover.

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Will Lindsay Lohan fire Mum

Its claimed that Lindsay Lohan has been advised to fire her mother as her manager. Lindsay is undergoing treatment at a Betty Ford clinic in LA and her father has been banned from  seeing Lindsay by her mother.

Lindsay’s mother Dina has been advised to focus Lindsay as her Daughter and not her manager. Lindsay will find it harder to succeed with her addiction if she doesn’t get help and support from her family and Dina needs to put all her energy into being Lindsay’s mother.

Lindsay became famous a young age and her Mother was her manager so she never got her Mother as a Mother but only as a Manager.

Lindsay needs her family to pull together now and help her recover and the last thing she needs are her parents trading insults .  Her parents need to growup and focus on their child.

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Victoria Beckham in trouble with PETA

Victoria Beckham is in trouble with PETA the animal rights activists.

Victoria who has turned fashion designer has been targeted by PETA and are threatening to cover her in Lizard’s blood. Her new collection of bags are made from Lizard, Crocodile and Calf Leather and these bags are claimed to be big next season .

It’s claimed that PETA have been targeting Victoria lately with e-mails and even tweeting her with lines such as skins are never posh, POSH. PETA know Victoria is popular and what ever they do to target her they will create great publicity for their cause. It’s claimed as well as covering her with Lizard blood they are also planning to throw Crocodile feet at her  at her next public appearance in the UK.

I believe  PETA better watch their step as Victoria will not let them away with what their planning and I think with Victorias habit of sueing people who cross her that PETA will regreat what they do. Also are PETA going to target the stores that sell Victorias bags and the people who buy them or is it just Victoria because of the publicity they will create when they target her.

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Lindsay Lohan Porn Role.

This latest role will be make or break time for Lindsay Lohan‘s career.

Lindsay Lohan is to play 70’s porn star Linda Lovelace in her latest movie Deep Throat. Linda Lovelace became the first porn star in the 70’s and now Lohan will portray Linda in this movie.

Lindsay’s career has nose-dived in the last few years between her drug taking, and her short time in and out of jail. This role of Lovelace was sought after by high-profile celebs like Angelina Jolie, Courtney Love and Meg Ryan but Lindsay won it in the end. This just shows her skills as an actress, now she just has to clean up her act and her career will be back on track if not even better.

Deep Throat is the first adult movie to cross into the mainstream with it being banned in parts of the US the UK and Ireland.

Is this the film to revive Lindsay Lohan’s career or will it kill it altogether.

Linda Lovelace.

Linda Boreman was born in New York on Jan 10th 1949.

Linda’s Father was an NYPD officer while her Mother was a strict catholic woman. In school Linda got the nick name Miss holyholy because of her prudish attitude. At 16 Linda and her family moved to Florida and by 19 she had lost her virginity and became pregnant and the child was adopted against Lindas will.

Later Linda met Chuck Traynor through a friend and it was Chuck who would Plan out Linda’s future. Soon Chuck and Linda moved in together and its claimed that Chuck used hypnosis to increase Linda’s sexual appetite and later move her on to prostitution.

Linda and Chuck married in 1971 and Traynor moved into the Pornographic busisness. It was at a swingers party that they met a new friend who later created the Deep throat role for Linda. The movie was about a girl who lost her desire for sex and could only climax through oral sex.

Linda claimed she only earned $1,250 for her role in this film with the film eventually making around $600 million. Linda later went on to appear in Playboy and Esquire and  eventually left Traynor.

Later Linda claimed that she was forced to do that film and that a rifle was held to her head.

Linda married again in 1974 and had a son Dominic in 1977 and a daughter Lindsay in 1980. Linda later wrote her autobiography which claimed details from her sinister life in porn with her being physically and emotionally abused by her ex husband. Linda could  never shake off her past no matter what she tried and eventually lost her life after a car accident left her with internal injuries which led to her death on 22nd April  2002.

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Celebrities on the red carpet

My Favourite dresses from the Red Carpet

These celeberities (below) should never of wore these dresses .What are they paying their  stylists for.

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