New hit show

Since lost left our screens there hasn’t been much on tv to fill that void but now it’s claimed that a a new programme is taking over. It’s claimedto be just as exciting, addictive and worth watching and its called THE MAIN EVENT.

The Main Event begins on a plane with an apparent hijacking with hybrid human-aliens with action zipping back and forward in time. It has been classed as a mix of LOST, 24, and HEROES with action, cliff hangers and plenty of twists and turns.

In the US 11 million viewers tuned into the pilot episode and now CH.4 will air it on Friday 22nd October at 9pm. I know one things for sure I will be tuning in to see what the fuss is about. 


(1)Vicky Roberts.(Taylor Cole) is a Manhatten party-girl who cmes across as a Paris Hilton type. It appears she may have a darker side.

Where have you seen her.

Taylor is a former model who has appeared in Entourage, Supernatural and Heroes.

(2)Blake Sterling(Zeljko Ivanek) is a well-connected and experienced  Director of National Intelligence and has long kept secrets from the President.

Where have you seen him.

Zeljko has appeared in 24, Damages and True Blood and starred in films Hannibal and Black hawk down.

(3)President Elias Martinez(Blair Underwood) called Eli tries to close the Facility for Aliens but then finds himself  an Assassination  target.

Where have you seen him.

Blair has appeared in LA Law and Dirty sexy Money as well as playing Miranda’s sexy doctor Boyfriend in Sex and the City.

(4)Sean Walker(Jason Ritter) is a reformed hacker and video game geek who finds himself a hero after becomes involved  in the centre of a government conspiracy after his girlfriend disappears during their Caribbean cruise.

Where have you seen him.

Jason starred in The Class and Joan of Arcadia and Films The Education of Charlie Banks and Freddie V Jason.

(5)Leila Buchanan(Sarah Roemer) is a scientist and an outdoors kind of girl who is close to her Family, Leila knows Sean from College. 

Where have you seen her.

This former Model appeared with Shia LaBeouf in the film Disturbia and stared in films The Con artist and Cutlass.

(6)Sophia Maguire(Laura Innes) is part of the human looking aliens who crash landed on a plane in World War 2. Sophie becomes close to the President.

Where have you seen her.

Laura played Dr Kerry in ER and appeared in Deep Inpact and has directed episodes of Brother and sisters and The West Wing.

(7)Simon Lee(Ian Anthony Dale) is an elite CIA Operative. He has become close to Sophie and reports directly to Blake and my not be all he seems.

Where have you seen him.

He starred in 24 Criminal Minds and CSI and starred in films The Bucket list and The Hangover.


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