It’s all about Glee.

Its been claimed that the ladies on set seem to be shrinking before our very eyes. Lea  who plays Rachel Berry has shrunk so much it’s claimed that she has now formed  a Hollywood body that makes her  head look to big for her body. Her co- star Jenna Yshkowitz (Tina) seems to be following suite. Its claimed that  the two girls have denied  rumers that they are taking Adderall to help them slim  and that they are losing weight the healthy way by watching what they eat and exercising. Jenna is a vegetarian and Lea is a vegan and its claimed that Vegans are more prone to calcium or B12  deficiency.

Co-stars Chris Colfer and Amber Riley have said that  have said that their co-stars are being  difficult and getting  major attitudes but Lea is the worst. She demands particular outfits and particular food on the snack table and she is so full of herself. Corey, Lea and mark  hang out together and call their co-stars Kevin(Artie) Jenna(Tina) and Heather (Brittany) the nerds since they wont go partying. Kevin and Jenna are also a couple off screen. Is also claimed that Chris(Kurt) and Amber(Mercedes) hang together and think they are more gifted than everyone else.

Mark was dating his co-star Neya until she heard he was sleeping around and it’s claimed that she keyed his car. They have now been keeping things professional after getting a talking to from the shows people. They avoided each other at the recent Glee premier party on Sept 7th. Its claimed that now Mark is out partying and the ladies are throwing themselves at him and he recently started to  hooks up with anyone he can.

When there are guest appearances with high profile guest they don’t even get away from being bitched about by the regular cast.

Britney Spears was classed as a total looser and a complete zero, they were warned to only say nice things about her but bitched  behind her back.

Neill Patrick Harris was claimed to be a big diva who complained about lighting and was fixated on his make-up. The cast made snarky comments about his vanity.

Kristin Chenoweth didn’t get away with out being bitched about as they made fun of her celluite and squeaky voice.

The Glee cast seem to becoming big dramatic Divas and it wont be long before it all falls apart if they keep this up.

Its been said that one cast member deals with hectic schedual with a a quick puff between scenes and its been said that its pot that this person smokes and his co stars are used to it now??????????.

Its also been said that one female cast member eats so little and exercises so much that she passed out on set and now co stars fear she may be risking her life??????????.


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I just started blogging to see what latest fashion and accessaries people like and dis-like and also, while alsokeeping up-to date with Celebrity gossip.
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